How To Improve Your Curb Appeal In Houston, Texas

Today, We Buy Fast Houston Houses will be sharing with you a secret that no one working in the real estate industry would ever want you to know: Selling fast in Texas is not about the upgrades or repairs. It’s about the curb situation. So if you’ve been spending you much money on repairs, and still wondering why no one is making you a reasonable offer, now you know.

Curb in Houston
Curb in Houston

A house that looks great will not only help you increase the property’s value, it will also save you a lot of money. You know what? How about we just stop wasting time and go right to the point? What do you say?


No, We Buy Fast Houston Houses is not asking you to go look for someone who’ll help add a fresh coat of paint on all the walls. That could cost you an arm and a leg. But you do have friends right? Or maybe a few family members who always visit during the holidays? Just promise to buy them gifts if they help you take care of that. We’re sure they’ll be happy to. Besides, it’s a good family-bonding experience.

Don’t forget to paint that front door, shutters, and the garage. Those areas can still make the entire property look bad if they’re left out. Oh, and one more thing, if that doors handle looks too old or beat up, go ahead and replace it.

The mailbox

We’ve witnesses home sellers in Houston, Texas put a lot of effort in improving their property’s condition but for some reason, they always forget the mailbox exists. Imagine taking pictures of a house that looks well-taken care of but the mailbox on the front yard looks battered, dinged, and crooked. What kind of message do you think you’re sending to potential buyers? Just get a new one, or if you consider yourself a handy person, make one.


Keeping the yard in good shape is also important. If you don’t have time to mow it regularly, hire someone who can. And since the property has to look visually appealing, you’ll need to add a few flowers as well.

How to skimp on curb appeal

Yes, there’s a way you can sell my home fast in Houston, Texas, without improving your curb appeal. And it’s call a direct sale.

Selling directly to a cash investor might not sound like what you need, but maybe you will change your mind once you hear what we have to say.

First off, it’s an opportunity to sell my home as-is. Selling as-is means you don’t have to hire a professional cleaner to take care of that clutter or a contractor to fix that broken appliance. What about the inspection process, you ask? Not necessary at all.

Secondly, there’s no commission. So tell your real estate agent to find a different home to sell because cash buyers don’t require their services. And that’s a lot of money you’ll be saving by the way. Did you know it normally accounts for 6 percent of the final sale price?

If you’re interested in working with a property investment company, call us. We’ll take care of that sale for you.  

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