Auction A Houston Home

Do you want to auction a Houston home? I’ve noticed so many sellers in Houston are opting for this method of selling today unlike the past. The other day I talked to one prospective buyer and he told me sellers are tired of selling the conventional way. And to an extent I agree. You don’t … Continued

Cash House Buyers In Houston

Selling a Houston home in Texas is now easier than it was a couple of years back. Gone are the days when you could only sell through a real estate agent. Today we have so many professional in the market that can not only help you sell, but help you sell fast for cash. We … Continued

Houston Home Selling Secrets

For some reason sellers in Texas always think selling in Houston has to involve a broker. If you’re thinking about putting up your Huston property for sale, you don’t have to list it on the MLS, or wait for months for the right buyer to come along. You don’t have to sell using the conventional … Continued

Reputable Home Buying Company In Houston

Once word got out that I was thinking about selling my Houston home fast, several real estate companies began contacting me. I was spoilt for choice but I knew I had to work with a reputable home buying company in Houston. You will also get calls every now and then if you’re selling in Houston. … Continued

Pre-Foreclosure In Houston, TX

Word on the street is that millions of homes are about to go through foreclosure and this is probably the reason why everyone is trying to understand the process and its ramifications. If you’re a buyer or a mortgage holder and you’re still seated thinking you don’t have to worry anything because you’re at a … Continued

The State Of The Buyers Market In Houston

Would you say it’s a buyers market in Houston? So many people have grappled with this question for months. No one can clearly answer this question because the answer is not a simple ‘yes’ or ’no.’ For one, it very much depends on the type of property you’re selling or buying and its location. In … Continued

Refinancing A Houston House After Divorce

Now that you’re a single parent having gone through the divorce process, it can be an uphill battle trying to afford a mortgage. We will, later on, talk about a divorce buyout, but first, we have to have a conversation on how refinancing a Houston house after divorce. So, in a nutshell, this blog post … Continued

Five Signs Of A Trustworthy Houston House Buyer

In case you didn’t know, there are so many house buying companies in Houston. This might be a good thing for anyone selling a house because they have options to choose from. For instance, if I was selling my home in Houston, I have the option of going with a property investment firm that offers … Continued

We Buy Homes In Bellaire, Texas

Are you a rookie real estate trader in Bellaire? If you are, you should probably learn about the kind of services offered by us. One thing that makes our property firm a leading trader in the housing market is the fact that we buy homes in Bellaire at fair prices, and close deals so fast. … Continued

Tips For A First Time Houston Home Seller

We have two processes that dictate the real estate business – the first one is buying and the other one selling. But even though they both define the industry, they are entirely different. For a first time Houston home seller, you might not know what’s expected of you, and that’s why it’s advisable to consider looking … Continued