Small Issues That Make Selling Difficult In Houston, Texas

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Presentation is everything, when it comes to selling my house fast in Houston, Texas. It’s easy to assume that it isn’t a big deal, but it actually is. So many real estate experts have said this before, and We Buy Fast Houston Houses will reiterate it once more: a bad presentation will quickly hurt your chances of selling fast or for top dollar.

Do you wish to know what are the small things that often make it difficult for Houston Texas home sellers to close a deal fast? Here they are:

The Cosmetic Flaws

We Buy Fast Houston Houses isn’t even referring to the visible things that immediately became a red flag. We’re talking about the minor cosmetic flaws that for some reason sellers are always quick to ignore.

Something that a lot of us don’t realize is buyers in Houston Texas are very picky. They’ll want to quickly buy their dream home, but also dismiss a sale for having the smallest of issues. And this is what we’re always working so hard to avoid. You don’t want to give them that excuse that they’re looking for, to move on to other properties.

What are some of the minor cosmetic flaws? Weird looking carpets, odd paints on the wall, etc.


Okay, we want to tell you something, but before we do, you should know this information didn’t come from us. We talked to different real estate experts before drafting this piece, and they all had the same sentiments. So please, don’t shoot the seller.

Apparently, every house has a smell. And the smell emanate from different things, ranging from unwashed dishes, laundry, and cooking, to pets. But the difference between you and the competition, will be how pleasant that smell is.

If your buyer doesn’t like the way the house smells, he or she will see that as an opportunity to give a different seller a chance to make a pitch. And if they like what’s being offered on the other side, you’ll be left hanging high and dry.


Quick question: do you find your neighbors good people? Are they cool, or plain annoying?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses really has to know because some buyers have listed “terrible neighbors” as the reason why they had to let go of a house that they thought could make a very good home.

The issues were however different. Some talked about how loud the neighbors were, while others referred to their unkempt appearance and overgrown landscaping. And we honestly can’t tell you how to deal with this problem because we don’t know how to keep the sound of constantly barking dogs at bay, or a gentle way of telling someone that they don’t look presentable.

Not Understanding the Real Estate Market

You need to listen to your buyers. Know what they want and what they’re looking for. You could ask your real estate agent, or just reach out to a professional who won’t charge you any commission. Who are we talking about?

We’re talking about We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

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