The Changes Seen In Houston Texas’ Market

The real estate market, especially in Houston, Texas, is not what it used to be two, three years ago. We don’t know if you’ve realized this, but selling a simple home seems to be more difficult than it was a while back.

Back then, all you had to do was contact a reputable and licensed real estate agent, and they would sell the property for you in 3 months. But now, you have to first explore all the different selling methods and the risks involved before even considering a sale.

Real estate Texas

And that’s not all. there’s still the issue of…


What’s the right way to price my home in Houston Texas? Did you know there’s an actual formula to it? Because we didn’t at first, and we had to learn the hard way.

According to real estate experts in Houston, Texas, the market forces are responsible for all these property prices that you see today. So you cannot just wake up one morning and tell everybody that you want to sell my house fast at 450, 000 dollars, when properties that have similar features are going for 350,000 dollars.

To determine what the best asking price is, you have to use tools like the Comparative Market Analysis tool. It’s one of those tools that gives you an insight to what the market’s like, by showing you the prices of recently sold homes, and those currently listing on the Multiple Listing Service.
Once you’ve figured out what price you want to work with, you’ll have to think about…

Home Inspection

Trust us when we say, surprises are the worst bit of selling. And it’s not like buyers are going to walk away from the table once they realize that my Houston, Texas house has a structural issue. No. they’ll just use that fact to force you to sell my home for practically nothing.

A pre-inspection is the way to go, if you’re looking to avoid such things. Also, it will give you a nice footing, in case you encounter an inspection contingency that’s typical of a conventional Houston Texas home sale.

By the way, the inspection process is not the only change that you’ll learn about in today’s market. We again have the…


Yeah, that’s right. The showing aspect of the process is also very different from what we used to experience in the past. You won’t just be asked by your real estate agent to prepare the house for a potential buyer who might or might not show up. They’ll ask you to also hire a videographer who knows how to conduct virtual house tours. And that right there, is yet another expenses that’s hard to avoid.

Selling Options

Speaking of agents, you do know working with a realtor is now considered an outdated way of selling, right? Property owners in Houston, Texas, and everywhere else in the country got tired of being asked to pay a six percent commission at the closing table even when the person who did all the work was the seller.

Call We Buy Fast Houston Houses, and we’ll tell you about this new craze that sellers can’t stop talking about.

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