The Downside to a Conventional Sale in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas home sale

One thing that We Buy Fast Houston Houses has learned over the years is the fact that you always have to be ready for anything when selling. Have some extra cash with you and be mentally prepared because things can easily go sour anytime.

Say, you’re looking to sell my house fast through a real estate agent. That means you won’t be working with a cash investor because we all know realtors don’t usually have any role to play when professional property buyers are involved. That also means you’ll have to meet the buyer’s lender’s requirements. And if you don’t meet them, the whole sale will fall through. You could also face different legal issues when it comes to title transfer, which could lead to endless paperwork.

The point that We Buy Fast Houston Houses is trying to make is, a conventional sale is not always the answer. You need to explore other avenues if you wish to save time, money, and avoid these hassles.

A traditional Houston, Texas home sale

Lacks guarantee

Nobody ever thinks of professional homebuyers in Houston, Texas when selling any kind of property. And you’d think by now people would have learned why involving a realtor is a bad idea but no; they’re still stuck in the old ways.

You need to understand something. Not even the best real estate agent on the planet can guarantee you a sale while working with you. They can’t because they don’t know if there’s a buyer out there who’ll like the property. But do you know who can do that for you? Only a professional homebuyer.

Getting the property show ready

Letting go of a house that you’ve called home for years is never easy. It’s one of the reasons why we think selling my home fast is such an emotional process. But retails buyers won’t take that into consideration. They come in, criticize this or that, and then make you an offer that will leave a bad taste in your mouth.


Are you selling because you got caught up in a financial bind? We Buy Fast Houston Houses is sorry to hear that. But we have some more bad news for you. If you’re selling through a real estate agent, or even on your own, you’ll have to invest more money on repairs and upgrades. And you won’t really have an option because if you don’t, the property will go stale on the market.

Lack of interest

Most agents won’t tell you this but we will: repairing and updating the property doesn’t also guarantee you a sale. You could fix everything that’s broken or not functioning, and even make a couple of upgrades here and there, but if buyer’s aren’t interested in the house, that’s not going to change.

Professional buyers

Selling or just working with a professional buyer in Houston, Texas is the easily way to sell my home fast. Just give it a shot and you’ll never regret it. And if you feel like you still need more information, feel free to reach out to us at We Buy Fast Houston Houses. 

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