The True Cost Of The FSBO Method In Houston, Texas

What they said is actually true. Not working with a real estate agent will save you a tone of money in commission. However, you’ll still end up using a lot of money, seeing as you’ll be responsible for all the other costs that typically define a traditional sale.

Oh, nobody told you? And that’s why you should appreciate the fact that we have property investment companies such as We Buy Fast Houston Houses, that are more interested in helping out the community rather than turning profits. These are some of the costs that we’re talking of:

Costs Involved In Selling My Home Fast Through TheFSBO Method

The Upgrades and Repairs

There’s a reason why we’re always advised to ensure we carry out some maintenance work at least once a year. Repairing broken appliances or systems and upgrading the ones that need to be upgraded is very important. It will help you avoid situations like these, whereby you’re forced to spend a lot of money in a house that you’ve decided to sell.

The repairs and upgrades will, without a shadow of doubt, cost you a lot of money. And this is true, especially if you’ve never maintained the property before.

The Marketing Costs

What kind of marketing strategy are you planning to employ? Are you thinking of holding an open house? Maybe print posters? Use social media?

You know what? It doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, the strategy that’s most effective is the one that will cost you a lot of money as well. and something tells us that strategy has to involve holding an open house because how else are your potential buyer’s going to view the property in-person?

Photography and Staging

You have to be thorough when selling my house fast in Houston, Texas. Before you do anything, do your due diligence. Ask yourself this: What do buyers want? What kind of photos will help you direct the traffic? Do you really have to hire a professional photographer? And what about staging? Is it necessary?

Once you’re done answering all these questions, you’ll realize you again have to budget for a professional stager and photographer. Someone who has the level of experienced required to help you accentuate the positives and mask the flaws.

The Closing Costs

Now, the only way you’ll be able to avoid paying the closing costs is by working with a real estate cash buyer in Houston, Texas. Not even an agent can help you avoid this. Come to think of it, it you decide to work with a realtor, you might end up paying more than you budgeted for.

The Emotional Aspect

Yeah, selling a property that you’ve called home is never easy. Even if you avoid all the other costs, you’ll never be able to avoid this one. and that’s sad but you know, life has to move on.

So… are you still going to sell my home using the FSBO method? Or are you now thinking of reaching out to We Buy Fast Houston Houses? Just call and let us know.

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