Pre-Foreclosure In Houston, TX

Word on the street is that millions of homes are about to go through foreclosure and this is probably the reason why everyone is trying to understand the process and its ramifications. If you’re a buyer or a mortgage holder and you’re still seated thinking you don’t have to worry anything because you’re at a … Continued

Short Sale To Avoid Foreclosure In Houston

We’ve heard so many times people asking about what a short sale entails, and how it can be beneficial to Houston residents. More and more people are looking at various avenues they can explore to mitigate foreclosure because that’s the only explanation we can come up with to explain why anyone would be interested in … Continued

We Buy Houses Houston | Having trouble paying mortgage in Houston

If you are having difficulties keeping up with your mortgage payments, you may think the loss of your property is inevitable.  If you are facing foreclosure, you can get help by first talking to your lender. You can try working out an affordable payment plan to avoid the foreclosure or to minimize your debt if … Continued

Sell your Houston house in foreclosure

Foreclosure is the legal process where lenders take back property secured through a loan. However, you are able to sell your Houston house in foreclosure. It mainly occurs when the borrower defaults in payment. There is a process involved in foreclosure. Lenders who plan on acquiring the property through foreclosure can do it in one … Continued

How to Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a worst case scenario for any homeowner living in a home with a mortgage; no one wants to find themselves in such a situation as it not only results in loss of your home but a severe financial mess. Are you behind on your mortgage in Houston and need of help? The following … Continued

Tips on how to avoid Foreclosure as a landlord

When most people hear the word foreclosure, they are quick to think that it is only tenants who have to deal with difficulty in paying mortgages and possible foreclosures. But, in reality, this is not always the case because even real estate investors or landlords sometimes have difficulty in financing their loans, yes! Most landlords … Continued

How to sell your house fast before foreclosure

Foreclosure is mostly done when a lender tries to collect money from a debtor who is unable to continue servicing his/her obligations thereby warranting sale of the house which was taken as surety.  The reasons for stopping payments on properties may include, divorce, realization by the home owner that the mortgage amount is more than … Continued

Three ways in which home investors can help to avoid foreclosure

Three ways in which home investors can help to avoid foreclosure When homeowners find themselves financially challenged to meet their mortgage obligations, the final result after the notice of default is an eviction notice termed as a foreclosure in real estate. This situation is often a traumatizing for homeowners who will have to find alternative … Continued