5 Things To Think About Before Selling My Home On Your Own

Home in HoustonAccording to many people, selling my home in Houston, Texas, should be a walk in the park. And they are right. However, it’s only that easy if you already understand the ABCs of the housing market. You have to know how to navigate this industry if you want to succeed. It’s more complicated than you think.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses will be tell you about some of the things that you need to take into account before you test the water. You’ll be surprised to learn that selling is not easy no matter how prepared you feel.

  • The timeframe

First off, what’s you reason of selling my home in Houston, Texas? Are you selling in divorce? Are you selling because your boss at work just told you you’ll have to relocate next year? Or are you selling because your neighbors are driving you crazy? Regardless the reason, you should think about the window period that you have. If you’re needed somewhere as soon as possible, a FSBO method shouldn’t even be an option. There’s no way you can sell my house in less than a month using this method.

  • Legal responsibilities

How well do you understand the law? We Buy Fast Houston Houses is not talking about the law in general, but the specifics that deal with real estate. Particularly in your county. Yes, you have to know them like the back of your hand because you’ll be responsible for the legalities. Make sure you’re familiar with the escrow process to drafting contracts to everything.

  • Repair costs

These will definitely add up fast considering the competition in the real estate market is fierce. Obviously you’ll have to start by fixing all those small things that you always ignored while living there. Then, you’ll have to add a few upgrades that will make you look different – unique in a way.

  • Property showings

Are you ready to deal with all those strangers walking through my home every now and then? Some of them will pretend to be interested in my house but we all know they are just there to scout the competition. Some will even show up just to steal some of your precious household items. A property showing is essential especially if your goal is to sell my home fast but you have to consider the downside.

  • Answering questions

Okay let’s assume that you’ve managed to list my house in Houston, Texas. But then , you have to keep going to work. It’s not like life has to stop just because you’re selling my home fast, right? the point is, how are you going to keep answering questions while at work? Do you see where we’re going with this? We bet you do!


These responsibilities and costs could be eliminated if you opt for a direct sale. Selling to We Buy Fast Houston Houses is a smart move. Think about it; you’ll be saving a ton of cash and sell fast without stressing.

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