6 Downsizing Tips In Houston, Texas

You don’t have to wait until you get to that retirement age, to start thinking about downsizing in Houston, Texas. Downsizing is beneficial to anyone, regardless the stage of life they’re in. Plus, who doesn’t always wish they could find a way to throw away all the useless stuff that fill up the space for no reason? Today, We will be discussing about ways you can downsize without feeling stressed.

  • Hire a pro

Oh, you didn’t know there’s such a thing as a pro organizer in Houston, Texas? Of course, there is. For a small fee, you can hire one to help you clear out clutter, and offer objective opinions if you’re still conflicted on what to keep and what not to keep. With the help of a pro, you’ll be able to get your belongings in order, and move fast.

  • Organize your household items

Being organized means you took time to organize your household items first, before moving. Moving from one home to the next is easier if you’ve packed and labeled all boxes.

  • Do you really need the dupes?

Why would anyone in there right frame of mind move to a small single family home with 5 sets of wine glasses? We’ve had instances where homeowners buy more than a set of something, thinking they’ll one day come in handy, only to end up with clutter in the house. Just take an inventory and figure out what’s important and what’s not. You can give away or sell the less important stuff and move with what you need.

  • Digitize what you can

It’s not normal to leave around piles of paper lying around the house in this day and age. You can store whatever information you need on the cloud and shred or throw away those stacks of paper. Also, deal with your mails right away instead of letting them pile on the kitchen counter.

  • Assess your furniture

Is that massive sectional sofa really necessary? What about the giant coffee table? Take a minute to think about wherever you’re going, and which items will fit perfectly. For instance, you can move with your TV and ditch the entertainment centre.

  • Repurpose and give

We all have those items that we keep not because we need them, but because they hold some form of sentimental value. Hanging on to some of these stuff is not a bad idea. However, if you keep a lot of them, they’ll eventually weigh you down. So give the Christmas ornaments to your grand kids or kids instead of leaving them lying around in your closet. That way, you’ll be okay knowing they are in safe hands, and not taking up storage space in the house.


As each year passes, you’ll realize that you’ll be gaining more and more stuff. You can use these tips to downsize, and make the selling process much easier.

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