Downside Of Selling A Home The Traditional Way In Houston, TX

It’s not uncommon for a Houston homeowner to think about selling a home the traditional way in Houston, TX. Most people don’t like exploring options like selling with our help or even selling alone. Selling the traditional way can be overwhelming and it usually wastes lots of resources. We will allow you to sell fast and avoid the costs.

Preparing the property

The best part about working with a cash buyer is that there’s little, if any, work to be done. Most cash investors like ours normally buy homes as is because we understand most sellers don’t have the funds needed to hire contractors and work on repairs.

With a listing, the case is a little bit different. First off, you need to make sure that the property is clean at all times seeing as you can never tell when the next potential buyer will walk in. something that you don’t have to worry about with a direct sale.

The selling expense

A lot of sellers who prefer working with cash investors understand the numbers of selling. You won’t have to spend a dime paying for the administrative fees, marketing costs, agents’ fee, or even commission when you sell directly in Houston, Texas. We buy homes as is and that’s a plus. Just imagine selling a house without fixing any broken appliance or upgrade! Also, no one will ask you to clean it.

You’ll never be free of the costs just because a buyer has been found with a traditional listing. Once the buyer’s home inspector is done doing what he or she does best, chances are you’ll be told you have to make more repairs before sitting at the closing table. And when you finally manage to sit at the table, their agent will still ask for more in the form of agent fees, commissions, etc.

The timeframe

The total amount of time that you end up saving as result of working with us is astonishing. Remember, you’ll be selling directly to a buyer and not working with some middle guy. So there’s no chance in hell that you’ll see your property go stale on the market. A direct sale is a process that can be done in a matter of days. Hence, helping you to avoid more holding costs.

Investors are not bad people

Cash buyers are not con artists. Of course, we do have a few people who have ill intentions, but that is not what we all do. Some of us are only focused on ways of how best we can help you improve the community.

We are a property investment company in Texas that has a passion for real estate. It’s not always about making profits. Our primary goal is to restore and revitalize Houston and its surroundings. So talk to us and get to know what we do.

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