Four Things to Expect When Selling Home With an Agent

Have you contacted an agent in Houston to help you find a buyer for your house? Or has the thought crossed your mind? If the answer to both or one of these two questions is ‘yes,’ then we’ve gathered four top things you need to be expecting when involving an agent in a house sale. We will assist you to maneuver through the selling process with ease.

We do have many options to pick from when it comes to selling a house, but a majority of people always go with the agent option. Below are the four things to expect when selling home with an agent in Houston:

  • Money

The real estate agent profession is not a calling but a reputable business. So don’t look surprised when at the end of the transaction the agent asks for their cut from the deal. This commission is his/her earnings.

In addition to this, depending on the sale of the house, the commission can be thousands of dollars. The charge is a percentage of the total sale. Some people are okay with this as they believe in the services of an agent but to some, it might come as a costly surprise especially if you aren’t psychologically prepared.

  • Time

No one wishes for their house to sit on the market for an extended period and I’d guess you don’t want this either. Neither does the agent. Unfortunately, the only person who can dictate how fast a house sells is the buyer. An agent can only go as far as trying to find a suitable buyer for you but can’t quite estimate the timeframe in which the house sells. Just a sidebar by the way, if you’re looking to sell fast, then we would advise you to skip an agent and allow us to buy your house directly. Call us at We Buy Houses Fast Houston and learn more about our service.

  • Showing

Displaying applies in every market out there. If you want to buy a product you have to see the product first before deciding to buy it. The agent will on numerous occasions show up with buyers who’ll want to see the house they are hoping to purchase. You need to give the realtor complete access to the home. It’s an embarrassment and mostly unprofessional when an agent shows up with a prospective client only to find the house locked and inaccessible. Also, you need to not be present during those showings.

  • Mysteries

Even though agents provide impeccable services, the process is not entirely predictable. There has to be little room for the unknown. The sale of your house depends on many unpredicted factors some of which being; the number of financial institutions willing to finance mortgages, the number of similar houses in the market, availability of buyers, the economic state in the city, within the Texas state and the country as a whole. For this reason, we see a scenario where you want to sell right now at a particular price, and your agent does his/ her best to meet your needs but, you end up being compelled to sell it at a different price.


A majority of people choose to sell their houses through a real estate agent because of the complicated process involved. Keep these four things in mind when selling with an agent in Houston.

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