Handling Property Issues After Buying In Houston, Texas

Almost everyone is always excited about moving to a new place because it’s normally an opportunity to start over. It’s like turning over a new leaf and forgetting about the past. Sure, you might argue with your partner about whether to get rid of that ugly housewarming gift your in-laws gave to you but other than that, you’ll both appreciate the new beginning.

Unfortunately, some people viewing moving as a nightmare. Just think about it. what will you do once you realize the studs in the wall have been eaten by termites? What if you wake up the next morning after a rainy night and find a drippy ceiling? What if you notice there’s a crack in the foundation after week of moving in?

Such issues are inevitable especially if you’re dealing with a seller for the first time. But the good news is, you can protect yourself by exploring the legal recourse option. Read on and discover steps you could take should such issues arise.

Act quickly

Do not waste any time once you spot an issue with the house. In case you never knew, the statue of limitations on the previous homeowner’s financial responsibility usually varies from state to state. So make sure you reach out for legal assistance as soon as possible if you want to be compensated.

Review the disclosure report

In Houston, before you sell my home fast to a buyer you have to fill out a disclosure form stating all the issues that the property has or might have. If the issue that you’re complaining about happens to be on this report, chances are they won’t be financially responsible for the repair costs. However, if this disclosure document reads says you’ll be buying my home in the perfect condition, then you need to milk that cow dry because you’re living in a money pit.

Review the inspection report

The home inspector is also liable legally if they didn’t take their time to carefully inspect the property. So go back to the inspection report. Do you see a note of caution somewhere? If the answer is no, you have to go after them as well.

Was the issue there before the purchase?

It won’t be easy to determine whether the home had the issue afore you bought it. That’s why you’ll need the help of a professional who specializes in such stuff. Without the report, you have nothing. No legal recourse.

Did the previous homeowner cover up the issue?

Did you just find out that a crumbling ceiling had been covered up with a false one? Then that’s good news because now you have ground to sue. Are there water issues covered up by paint? Another good news for you. All that is evidence you were duped into thinking the property was well maintained and in the perfect condition. So smile and go hire a real estate attorney who’ll help you with the case.

Sell the house as is and move on

You can still reach out to a cash buyer and sell fast. We Buy Fast Houston Houses should be your go-to guys.

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