Homebuyer Turn-Offs That You Should Work On When Selling In Houston, Texas

Something that We Buy Fast Houston Houses has found to be quite unfortunate is the fact that so many homeowners have beautiful, attractive homes that could sell at a great price, but they lack the knowledge needed to woo buyers.

The small things that home sellers in Houston, Texas, often ignore always turn off potential buyers. It might not seem like a huge deal to you, but to them, it’s actually something worth taking into consideration.

Selling home in Texas

So how about we just go through some of those things, and help you sell fast my house in Houston, Texas.

  • Extremely low ceilings

No, it has nothing to do with the buyer’s height, and everything to do with the space size. A low ceiling is normally associated with reduced spaces. And if the space seems small, buyers will think the house offers more opportunities for accidents, especially if they have kids who always run around.

But don’t get us wrong; We Buy Fast Houston Houses isn’t advocating for grand cathedral ceilings. Not every buyer will appreciate that kind of ceiling. Just play it safe and go with an average placed ceiling.

How could you fix a low placed ceiling? Easy. All you have to use is a lighter shade of paint on the ceilings. If your walls are painted blue, paint your ceilings a lighter shade of blue. This will draw the buyer’s eyes upwards, and make it appear higher.

  • Let in a little light

We Buy Fast Houston houses has been working with professional stagers for a while now, and what they’ve told us is, natural sunlight plays a crucial role in a sale. When combined with the internal lighting, it creates a magical feeling that makes the property feel homey.

  • Poor hygiene

Diseases, allergies, unwanted insects, and bugs are all signs of poor hygiene. Potential homebuyers in Houston Texas find this a turnoff, as they wouldn’t wish to contract any diseases, or pay out of pocket for the eradication and cleaning services. On top of that, messy and untidy homes always repel friends, guests, or family members who already have compromised immunities. 

  • Previous crime

Peace of mind and tranquility. These are the two things on top of every buyers list. So there’s no way a prospective homebuyer will make an offer on a house that’s riddled with crimes of all sorts. It’s frankly a huge turnoff. The complete opposite of tranquility or peace.

  • Bad neighborhood

Human beings are naturally social beings. We were never meant to live in isolation. And that’s why people often reach out to friends and family whenever they need help. But how’s that going to be possible if everyone in the neighborhood doesn’t trust the next door neighbor? If the security is an issue, no buyer will want to invest in your property.

Forget about what buyers love or what they don’t love by working with We Buy Fast Houston Houses. We have the experience needed to help you sell fast, and for cash. Just send us a message and we will send our representative to make you an offer.

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