Houston Home Selling Secrets

For some reason sellers in Texas always think selling in Houston has to involve a broker. If you’re thinking about putting up your Huston property for sale, you don’t have to list it on the MLS, or wait for months for the right buyer to come along. You don’t have to sell using the conventional route. We do have alternatives out here. Alternatives that can help you sell fast, save a lot of money, and move on. Today, I want to tell you about some Houston home selling secrets I learnt while selling my Houston home in Texas.

People are smarter nowadays. They know it’s possible to sell without hiring a professional to help with the process. To be honest it pays to eliminate the real estate agent plus lenders and go directly to the source. Think about it! If were given all the money you’ll use paying interests and broker’s fee while selling in Houston, won’t you be able to invest in other lucrative projects that could liberate you financially?

By selling directly to a professional such as us, you get to sell your home quickly without stressing about anything. We do have skeptics out there who think selling to property investment companies doesn’t actually make sense because their offers are below the current market value but if you do the math, you’ll realize the amount you get to save balances the equations. Even though you’ll sell at a lower price, you won’t break bank trying to make repairs, pay the cleaning costs, taxes, utilities, or insurance.

The financial perks of a direct sale

  • Zero commission

This is the one cost that drives all sellers to the edge. Imagine having to pay not just your agent’s commission, but also the buyer’s agent’s fee as well. Do bear in the cost is approximately six percent of the final sale price. Isn’t this completely unfair? Why would I hassle through the process, finally find a prospective homebuyer who’s willing to pay 400,000 dollars for the home, and still pay the professional 24,000 dollars? That’s just crazy!

  • No listing costs

Well, the listing process has never been cheap, and we all know that for sure. The agent has to use the MLS and he or she’ll have to pay a certain fee. So guess who this cost is routed back to! It’s none other than YOU! Of course, there the option of using a “Flat Fee” MLS listing but is it really worth the hassle?

  • No marketing expenses

You only get to market a product or property if you still don’t have buyers ready to make offers. a direct sale will link you up to a buyer who’s willing to buy fast for cash. Therefore, you won’t need to hire a professional photographer to take excellent photos or the house or a stager. Heck, you won’t even have to advertise your open house using fliers! You get to avoid all thee costs.

By selling quickly to us, you save a lot in a multitude of ways. Send us a message or call us today!

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