Sell My Fire Damaged House

Someone who’s been through something devastating usually has a lot of questions, right? So it’s okay to assume that a homeowner in Houston, Texas, will have a lot of questions if they find themselves with a home that has been damaged by fire. One of the questions will always be can I sell my fire damaged house and whether the property is devalued considering what it has gone through. You can never be sure even if you go all out and make all the necessary repairs.

The good news is, a fire damage will never negatively affect the value of a property in Houston, Texas. It will, however, affect how fast you sell the home because as soon as buyers realize that the house had to be renovated after being damaged by fire, they’ll be skeptical. The other problem is the issue of not being able to spot all the features that need repair. For example, you might easily overlook your concrete slab only to realize when the buyer shows up with their home inspector.

What should I do if my home is damaged by fire in Houston, Texas?

You can either sell it or choose to hold onto it. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do with it. But if you want to protect your investment, there are actions that you ought to take. The first step should be to reach out to an insurance agent who deals with the homeowner’s policy. Then ask around for the contacts of a reputable restoration company that can help you work on the cleanup, repairs and restoration process.

It’s important to start working on the repairs immediately so as to prevent further damage by the water used in putting out the fire. The wet surface can facilitate the growth of mold or mildew and hence give you more problems to deal with.

Preparing to sell my fire damaged house

You just need to break the steps into smaller ones of you want to sell fast a fire damaged home in Houston, Texas. Right now, you might be wondering who’ll be ready to make an offer on a fire damaged home but the truth is, there are buyers out there looking for a home like yours. We ares a fine example of such a buyer.

You can sell the conventional way or work with a cash investor. A real estate investor won’t ask you to make the repairs or work on the upgrades. They’ll just show up to view the property and make you an all-cash offer on the spot. If you don’t like what they’ve offered you, you can negotiate for a better deal or walk away. You’re not obligated to accept anything. If you choose the conventional route, you’ll have to hire contractors and other professionals to first help you make the home look like a home again. You’ll then have to look for a reputable real estate agent to help you find a buyer by listing the home on the MLS.

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