Sell My House To An Investor At An Asking Price

Life has so many uncertainties and many times all a person wishes for is to have a sound financial future. What happens when you suddenly find yourself in a situation that requires cash immediately? The thought of putting your home on the market crosses your mind, and you are well aware the only entity that can pay you that money that fast is an investor. However, you keep grappling with the question of whether I can sell my house to an investor at an amount that’s relatively close to your asking price.

We want to answer this question for you and hopefully leave you at a better place to make a sound judgment before you finally decide to close the deal on your Houston house.

Since you’ve settled on selling the property, you ought to know there are a couple of options to choose from:

The first route involves employing the services of a local real estate agent to help you in listing the house for the sake of finding the right buyer in the market. You have to state your asking price.

The second step is all about ditching the typical channel and selling directly to a property investment firm like We Buy Fast Houston Houses. Our prices are competitive, and you can close the deal fast.

Why opt for an investor?

We have many perks associated with selling to a company that invests in properties. Investors are usually not picky when it comes to buying. All they want is to purchase the house, refurbish it, and sell it at an astronomical profit to a retail buyer (a purchase who’ll use the home as a place of residence). Don’t direct all your attention to how much they are willing to settle for but instead focus on the benefits an investor provides.

Comprehending the asking rate

Any negotiation starts at the asking price. The seller will always go up from there while the buyer will try to lower the amount. That’s a fact regardless of whether your realtor is present or not. There can be no business without some form of negotiation taking place.

It’s sad that many individuals are ignorant of the fact that the asking price has other in-built factors. For instance, did you know that buyers tend to associate high rates with homes that are in pristine shape, clean, and all fixed up?

Working with a Houston real estate agent will force you to wait since he or she has first to market the house and thus letting buyers know your home is for sale. Even if you find the right purchaser, you’ll have to part with a fraction of your sale’s proceeds so that you can pay your realtor the commission.

Selling to an investor

Here you have an opportunity to keep things simple. You don’t have to worry about the repairs bleeding your pockets dry or handling the hassles involved with cleaning a home. You also don’t have to wait for anyone while paying the annual property taxes.

Call us today and stop gambling with what the market has to offer.

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