Sell Your Houston House In The Winter

Selling your home can be challenging even at the best of times. However, trying to sell your Houston house in the winter may seem like an even worse idea. This is because people tend to be busy with company events and family gatherings due to the holiday season. Most areas also generally have very bad weather during this time, with large amounts of snow which make it unfavorable for the exercise. But it can prove to be quite the opposite depending on how you plan to do it. This does not always mean that you can’t sell if you package the home well. We will show you how you can go about it.

Clear the snow

Snow and ice tend to build up and can hurt your chances of sell your home during winter. It can cover up some features in your compound that normally would be very enticing to a buyer e.g. a pond or a patio. Shovel away the snow to make sure the buyer sees them. You need to do this constantly since you never know when the next potential buyer will call for a showing. If you can, spread a layer of sand on the pathway to avoid it being slippery. Remove all the ice from the pathway so that the buyer can easily access the front door.

Invest in a mat

This may seem like a small thing to do but, the buyers will need a place to keep their boots and umbrellas once in the house unlike during summer when they can just walk around in them.

Create a delightful atmosphere

So make the inside look cozy and warm so that it is appealing to the Houston home buyers. This may mean having a fire by the fireplace. If there is no fireplace, turn on the thermostat. Heat the house a degree or two more than normal then set it at room temperature. Throw some afghans on the sofas. Place vases with flowers in all the rooms in the house. Place a breakfast tray by the bed. You can even play some soft Ballard. Do not, however, spray strong scents because some people may have allergies. You can put up photographs that show your lawn or summer garden. Set timers to automatically turn on lights when the buyer is around. The buyer will be more responsive to an inviting home and may even want to stay longer. You can, therefore, make available some munchies or a quick meal.

Decorate for the relevant holiday

There are all types of holidays during this season. Get to know your buyer and what holiday is relevant to him, then stage it. For example, you can place a decorated Christmas tree in the sitting area. Place some wrapped up empty gift boxes around the tree to bring out the feel. This helps him see what the home can be for him. Alternatively, if you don’t know his preference, you can just decorate with neutral items like snowmen.

Allow light into the house

Open the curtains, drapes or shutters in all the windows. Turn on all the lights in the house even the closet.

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