Selling Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent

It’s a common misconception that the only way a person can successfully put a house on the real estate market is through an agent. That does not always hold water, and we’re here to prove it by walking you through the perks sellers who opt to sell without the services of a realtor, get to enjoy.

Advantages of selling your home without a real estate agent

  • You won’t pay any commission

We sincerely don’t even have to explain anything here since it’s obvious. A typical realtor will charge you approximately six percent of the total sale. And this figure doesn’t change even if you luckily stumbled upon a buyer while he or she was busy looking on the other side. To make matters worse, this is not the only cost you’ll have to incur because you have to deal with the administration, photography, and marketing fees. Surely by selling directly to an investor will save you tons of cash which can be put to better use.

  • You’re in the driver’s seat

Do you feel like taking a break this weekend? Well, that’s okay. You don’t have to schedule any showings any day you wake up exhausted because you’ll be the guy calling all the shots. However, this isn’t always the case for those who opt to use the traditions route of working with an agent. Even though you’re ultimately the owner of the home, once you hire a realtor you’ll have to pull your weight or risk burning his or her sale’s track record.

  • You get to set your terms

The relationship between you and the agent is only professional, so although they are present to represent your interests, they also have to look after their own. They will thus stay firm on the asking price even in cases where you feel like you can be open to negotiations. The realtor won’t care about how eager you are to sell if they can’t get a reasonable amount from the sale.

Plus, if you work alone, you can figure out which dates favor you without worrying about messing up different parties. For instance, you have the power to dictate when the new homeowner moves in, or when you want to relocate and close the deal. Regarding repairs, you can choose what to fix and what not to.

  • A limited number of cash sales fall through

You’ll hear different players in the real estate business say that “cash is king.” Therefore, if you’re fortunate enough to find someone who’s ready to trade in cash, you’ll have saved a lot of time and money. Closing a deal is pretty easy for such a situation compared to that which involves a lender. Furthermore, you eliminate the uncertainty of wondering whether the buyer will secure financing.

Consider selling your home without a real estate agent. You’ll have saved a lot of time which equates to cash saved. Think about the migraines you won’t have to experience while dealing with the insurance, annual property tax, utilities, or mortgage. If you’re looking for a more economically logic alternative, give us a call today!

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