The Cost Of Selling A Houston House

No one can list a property without incurring different costs. To get your property ready for the real estate market in Houston, you have to pay a lot of fees, work on a couple of chores, and make necessary repairs. If you want to list your house, start by thinking about the money you’ll spend, energy, and time consumed. Some sellers are usually fortunate to find direct buyers who come with high offers than what’s in the market. Such an opportunity shields them from the hassles and out of pocket expenses associated with a listing. But the question that we are all still grappling with is, “What does it really cost an individual selling a Houston house?”


We’ve all heard how cleanliness is next to godliness. Believe it or not, that the perception out here. No buyer will settle for a home that has a questionable level of hygiene. The house has to go through a thorough cleaning process from top to bottom. It needs to sparkle.  Don’t ignore the grout and tiles or both sides of your windows. And if you’re a pet owner, ensure you remove all the hair and deal with their odors. We know you can do all this, but it’s better if we don’t take any chances and leave everything to the professionals who will be accurate and efficient. Plus, ensuring the property is always clean for showings will consume a lot of your time and energy.


Sellers usually make the mistake of neglecting the backyard when putting the house up for sale. It’s in your best interest to ensure the yard has an excellent curb appeal. Remove all the weeds and ensure it’s not overgrown. And just like cleaning, we have professional for this, so we’d advise you to contact them. Remind them to:

  • Trim the back trees or bushes.
  • Weed your lawn or other open areas.
  • Plant different flowers.
  • Fix anything damaged.
  • Add a new coat of paint to the mailbox and the door.
  • Stage the outside area to make it more welcoming

Your yard ought to be inviting and manicured if you want to close that deal fast. Your intention should be to make a great first impression.

Storage and Moving

Even if you’re still taking residence on the property, the smart thing to do is to pack most of your items and store them. Be careful not to make the house seem cluttered. We want to convince buyers to purchase it and not dissuade them. Seek an offsite storage facility to keep your stuff while you wait for a buyer to come along with an offer that will give you a fresh start.

Commission, Listing, Administrative and Notary Costs

You might not be ready to deal with the plethora of fees or charges sellers incur while working with real estate agents. What’s even more annoying is the large sum of money that’s chucked out of the sale’s proceeds just to pay the agent his or her commission.

An alternative around all this is to sell to a property investment company like We Buy Fast Houston Houses. We usually cater for all the closing costs and all you have to do is to sign the papers if you’re pleased with our offers. Call us now!

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