The State Of The Buyers Market In Houston

Would you say it’s a buyers market in Houston? So many people have grappled with this question for months. No one can clearly answer this question because the answer is not a simple ‘yes’ or ’no.’

For one, it very much depends on the type of property you’re selling or buying and its location. In the past couple of months we’ve noticed single-family Houston homes quickly flying off the shelves. Buyers are now investing more in these types of properties because they are well priced. And if the house is in a more preferred location, it can be sold at double the price. We’ve seen some areas in Houston increase in population at an alarming rate while other areas are just ghost towns.

Buyers often have the same taste and preference. They’ll be in the marketing looking to invest in homes found in good neighborhoods. The location plays a huge role in determining what the buyer goes for. A typical buyer will buy Houston homes that are close to good schools, work, or shopping centers. Access to transportation is also something most people take into consideration. If your property can deliver more than one of these things, you have a hot commodity in your hands. Such a desirable property will put you in a position of control in the market.

However, sellers who are in the market looking for buyers ready to invest in condos and townhouses would share a different story. Especially if the properties being sold have funky features. Their market rates are so low but fortunately, they are slowly rebounding as the rental market increases.

The demand for investment properties has also increased over the past couple of months. Foreigners are now investing a lot in US real estate, and the cash flow has positively affected the Sugar Land market in more than one way. In general, buyers who have been willing to pay cash for properties have gotten great deals in this market.

Sellers have pulled all kinds of stunts with the hope of selling at great prices. We’ve seen many of them try out speculative prices but very few people take the bait. If a cash investor starts to think there’s a possibility the deal won’t pencil out, they immediately walk away.

Financing is still a big issue in this market. Banks are longer lending like they used to. They are very strict and this has made it difficult for retail buyers to invest in Houston houses. So many approved buyers are getting their loans pulled even before they get the chance to close escrow. The bottom line is, the real estate market in Houston is greatly polarized. A lot of action takes place at the top and bottom while those in the middle continue to experience challenges.

Are you confused by all this?

That’s exactly why we began by telling you from the start there’s no straightforward answer as to whether the market is actually a buyer’s market. Currently, the US economy is experiencing a lot of shakeup. The real estate markets are constantly moving in different directions at once. We have studied all these markets, and decided to invest in Houston because we believe in the community here. We can help you sell fast your Houston home and at a fair price. Contact us anytime!

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