Things Houston, TX Sellers Often Let Slip When Selling My Home

“De-clutter, clean, repaint, and stage!” These are the tips that you’ll be given by your brother-in-law, your sister, colleagues, or real estate agent in Houston, Texas. People in your life will keep on telling you what you need to do or not to do, to a point you’ll find yourself mumbling in your sleep.

home saleWe Buy Fast Houston Houses won’t be reminding you of those things today. Even though we understand how important they are while selling my home fast in Houston, Texas, we also want you to pay more attention to the little things that some sellers let slip when preparing the house for the market.

a. Take care of that area around your front door

The entryway is the first thing that any buyer sees whenever they walk up to your home in Houston, Texas. Therefore, you have to make sure the impression it gives is impeccable. If the front door is not in a pristine condition, no offer will be coming your way.

b. Work on that roof situation

When’s the last time you cleaned your roof? Do you even know if it’s still in a good condition? Remember, the ultimate goal here is to outwit other sellers looking to sell my home faster than you in Houston, Texas. Your roof has obviously taken a beating from different weather elements. Pressure wash it to remove dirt and mold.

c. Depersonalize the exterior

Like we said before, we know your real estate agent, sister, brother, or colleague has already told you about the importance of de-cluttering and depersonalizing while prepping the house. But we know you’ll only focus on the interior and forget the exterior. A huge mistake!

d. Check the sidewalk or driveway for bumps and cracks

Uneven, jagged driveways or sidewalks are a turn-off for buyers. No buyer who has kids will want a house that’s not kid-friendly. It might seem like a small thing to you, but to them, it’s actually a huge project considering they are already investing a lot of their money on the house.

e. Open the blinds and curtains

Think of it this way. Would you rather walk into a dark, closed off home or a bright one? The natural light will make the property look and feel happier. And that’s why you’ll often see real estate agents trying to sell my home fast in Houston, Texas, open up curtains and blinds before taking listing photos.

f. Neutralize foul odors

Have you always looked for an excuse to shop for scented vanilla candles? Well, this is your opportunity. You don’t even have to wait for your realtor to tell you this. No buyer will complain the house smells too sweet.

g. Gather warranties for appliances

Do the appliances come with the property? Then you’ll need to make a list of all the appliances that will be included in the home sale. Don’t forget to include their warranty information.

To be honest, We Buy Fast Houston Houses feels like we don’t even have to talk about these things because you can sell the home as-is to us and move on with your life. Call us to find out how.

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