Things To Watch Out For When Selling Conventionally In Houston TX

You must be smiling now that you’re receiving multiple offers, huh? But do you really know what offer is the best offer? Or are you thinking of settling for the highest one?

In Houston, Texas, you cannot just go with the highest offer simply because it feels right or it will earn you more money.  you have to factor in a lot of numbers when reviewing the offers that you receive. Today, we will be discussing some of the things that Houston home sellers often deal with when selling conventionally in Houston Tx.

The appliance and fixtures cost

People usually don’t take this one cost into consideration. If you’re selling my house in Houston, Texas, you have to think about your appliances, fixtures, and furniture because they’ll also play a role in the sale. Ask yourself; are you moving with all your household items or is the buyer going to keep some of them? If you’re going to use these items as an incentive to persuade the buyer to close the deal, you have to think about the cost of replacing all of them. And by the way, replacing the fixtures and appliances while moving is not going to be cheap. Therefore, factor that in before you accept any offer for my Houston home in Texas.


Risks are part of our everyday lives. Just living is a risk itself. So you cannot avoid risk no matter what you do. That’s why it’s imperative you first determine the risks involved in any process before engaging. For instance, if you’re not working with a cash buyer but a buyer who highly depends on some form of financing, you should calculate the risk involve and come up with a contingent plan in case things fall apart. It’s not an unusual phenomenal for a bank or any other lender to back out of a deal if the home appraises to low.

Selling to a cash buyer will reduce the risks tremendously. Why? Because cash buyers already have the money to buy the home. They will help you save a lot of time by ensuring you don’t go through the things lenders pass borrowers through. Plus, you won’t have to struggle with repairs, inspections, appraisals, or red tapes from lenders.

The timeline

How fast will you be able to seal the deal? Are you even certain that you’ll close? We will tell you what we always tell our clients; it’s costly to hold onto a property in Houston, Texas. These costs will eat into the sales proceeds and make you earn a negative. So talk to a cash buyer today and avoid dealing with your property taxes, utility bills, home insurances, mortgage, routine maintenance costs, and many more.

The closing costs

In a traditional sale, you’ll be expected to pay at least 5 percent of the final sale price as closing costs. Of course, this varies by transaction. just don’t be surprised when your real estate agent brings this up.

The repairs

While reviewing the offers, thing about what you’ve already used when working on repairs and upgrades. Repairs are costly and no one can evade them if they are looking to list on the MLS.

We can help you review offers that you receive. Just call us.

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