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Buying land is a costly affair. With the rising cost of living it it almost impossible. Landowners are either the wealthy or those who were lucky to inherit. The average American barely has enough money to sustain their daily expenses. The young people are also grappling with offsetting the students’ loans. Land requires a large down payment compared to other assets such as homes.  Buying land remains a pipe dream for most people. Did you know it is possible to buy houses in Houston with little or no money? How you wonder? Using the following options, you can buy homes in Houston with little or no money:


The United States Department of Agriculture offers loans to eligible buyers. The loans are usually guaranteed by the government and provide 100% financing. For one to qualify, the location of the land must be in an eligible rural area. It does not require any down payment from the prospective buyer, making it appealing to those with no money at all. Demonstrate that you have a steady income and you must meet the income thresholds. Provide collateral to be used in securing the loan. It offers low-interest rates compared to other financial institutions; it can be as low as 1%. The USDA can guarantee your loan or provide a direct loan.

Owner may/will carry listing

Owner will carry, or owner may carry listing is a desirable option to buy houses in Houston with no money. Owner will carry, is an agreement you make with the seller that if you default on the payments, then they can repossess their parcel of land. It cushions the seller from any losses that may be incurred from a failed deal. It is also convenient for the buyer as it does not require many checks.

Listings that have been in the market for a long time

Owners whose land or properties have been in the market for a long time are flexible. They are seeking to dispose of the land, and are willing to get into different financing options. If they have been trying to sell for six months or more, they are more likely to agree to zero down payments.

Avoid brokers

Agents usually want quick money, not stories. If you want to explain your situation, you are better off speaking to companies that buy houses. If you establish a good rapport, you can get land with little or no down payment. Prove to be trustworthy and keep your word. Offer an excellent deal, which they won’t be able to resist.


Most sellers will listen to you if you bring something small to the table. You stand a higher chance of closing the deal if you present a small sum of money. It makes you appear more serious and willing to the seller.  A small deposit helps you to knock out competitors who have zero down payments.


Enter into partnerships with other investors. They provide the needed down payment, while you work on the repayments. Mingling with the right investors also exposes you to other financing options.

We buy houses in Houston is an established real estate company in the area and we can help you get a piece of Texas. Call us today.

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