We Buy Houses in Houston Texas

We Buy Houses in Houston, Texas


Summer can be a crazy time to try and sell your home if you live in Houston, Texas. The weather turns viciously hot, that is on the days it’s not pouring rain, and when you combine the stress from having the kids out of school, trying to take a vacation, and trying to find a real estate agent, show your house, possibly do repairs, and look for a new place to live yourself, you can just feel that all-day migraine coming on. How can you beat the heat and still get your house sold to that you can live your dreams, get to your next home, and still make money on the deal? The answer lies in taking a non-traditional route to selling your house.


We Buy Houses Fast

It doesn’t matter if you live in Pearland, Cypress, Katy, or Pasadena, we buy houses. Putting your house on the market and enduring the agonizing wait of weeks or months for that perfect offer can ruin anyone’s summer. But simply by giving us your property’s address, along with your phone number and email, and we can provide with an offer within 24 hours. That’s right, we buy houses cash. And we won’t drag you through the weeks of lag time leading up to closing day. We make it our mission to buy houses fast to give you payment in as few as five business days.


Don’t Play the Waiting Game

Did you know the average house in Houston sits of the market for 66 days before it sells? Imagine that, two months of unneeded stress pondering if you’re going to be able to put the down payment on your next property; if you’re going to have a place to live; if you’re going to be able to enroll your kids into their new school on time; it really can be overwhelming. This is a true story: The young couple living next door to my wife and I put their home on the market in November of last year. It sat and sat and sat until early MAY, that’s ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DAYS ON THE MARKET! Absolutely insane that they put themselves through that sort of anguish. The obvious solution is to avoid being a pawn in the real estate game. We buy houses in Houston fast because we know how great the Houston real estate market can be for smart buyers and sellers. When you introduce real estate agents into the mix, people whose main objective is getting as large a percentage for themselves as possible, you run the risk of your home sitting for months when it could be sold in days.


Get Your Cash and Get On With Your Summer

Selling your house shouldn’t be a punishment. Summer is the season to have fun, whether you’re enjoying time with your family, taking a vacation, or just getting some much-needed R&R. We buy houses in Houston no matter the condition, the amount owed, or what might need repairing. Whatever your financial situation is, we buy houses in cash to give you the financial boost you need to get your summer off to a great start and reduce your stress levels by buying your Houston home fast. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to get your money when you sell us your Houston house. We can get the money into your hand in as few as five days.


So relax, take a drive down to Galveston or Kemah, and skip the hassle of selling your home on the open market. We buy houses in Houston Texas every day in every condition and we can do the same for you today!

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