How Do I Sell My House Without An Agent In Houston?

We are so accustomed to selling or buying property through agents. Some people find it unthinkable to eliminate agents from this process. I can sell my house without an agent. It may appear hectic, challenging and maybe home owners worry that they will not get a buyer on their own.  With the right mind set and technique, you can successfully sell your home.  Did we mention that you also get to save a lot of money? Agents charge a commission of 5-6 percent, which translates to thousands of dollars, especially for pricey homes.  Not only are you paying your broker, but the buyers’ as well? It is ridiculous to pay someone that you didn’t even contract.  Sure the middlemen bring in invaluable help, they have contacts, and the house is likely to sell faster. Read on to find out how you can eliminate brokers, sell your house and save money while at it.


The first step when selling sans agent is to set the right price. Find out what similar homes in your neighborhood are going for, and then set a price within that range. The price of homes being sold by agents would be probably be priced to cover the broker’s fee, do not go lower than them.  During negotiations, you revise the price and still get a decent amount. Bear in mind that buyer’s agent expects a 2-3 percent commission from you; a factor that while setting the price. You don’t have to offer a commission to those buying directly without an agent if they don’t ask. You can provide a bigger discount to direct buyers instead. Even if the idea is to save on realtors commission, working with buyers agents increase your success rate.  A 2.5 percent commission paid to buyer’s agent is still cheaper compared to 5-6 percent charged by brokers.

Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listing Service is a database that has information on property for sale in Houston. It presents an excellent platform to reach many potential sellers.  If selling sans agent, then listing with MLS is a cheap alternative to reach many people. Property websites also post information from MLS on their website, giving you a wider reach. You do not have to pay a hefty commission; you only pay a small fee for listing. You will be charged a fee only when you complete a sale. You can also advertise I newspapers and property websites.

You also have to market using other media aggressively. Put up fliers and give out brochures around your neighborhood. Include beautiful pictures of the house shot from different angles, telephone numbers that potential buyers can call to reach you. Indicate attractive features of the house and location. On the fliers indicate a price and say whether it can be negotiated or not.

Selling to investors

Another way to bypass agents is to sell your house directly to investors. Sell My House Fast Houston is on the investors in Houston who will buy your house quickly for a fair price. We pay in cash, and the deal is closed under a week. We purchase the house in its current condition, saving you the trouble of repairs.

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