Reasons Why Selling To An Investor Is Better Than Realtor

If you need to sell your home, you can choose the traditional way of listing it with a realtor. But, this method might not work for those people who are in need of some quick cash or those with limited time to sell. Selling your home with a realtor will only benefit you if you have all the time to wait and also accept offers on your home. However, those who are in a financial crisis and desperate to sell fast should consider selling their home to an investor instead.

A Home Investor Will Buy Your Home For Cash

An investment company will differ from a realtor when it comes to selling your house because a home investor will buy your home for cash. When selling to a traditional buyer, you will have to wait for several months for bank financing to go through. Most often when it comes to closing the deal, an investor will close in the shortest time possible to ensure that you get your cash right away. The traditional realtors also charge an average commission of 6% when selling your house but an investment company does not ask for any form of commission.

Selling your home with an investor will save you from the stress that comes with selling using the traditional way. After your home inspection, the realtor usually expects you to handle the upgrades and repairs. Most of them expect you to do the repairs and renovations immediately so that your home can be ready for the viewers. When selling with an investment company, you don’t need to clean up your home or handle any imperfections since you can sell it in its current condition. In fact, since you are getting rid of the house, there’s no reason to invest your money in it.

No Closing Costs

Most often, real estate agents will charge you some fees for using their services. The realtor fees differ depending on the nature of your contract. An investment company does not charge any form of fees, and yet they deliver the same service faster. You will get the full payment agreed, in cash, unless there are any penalties, mortgage or debts secured on your house.

Realtors have so many clients to handle in a day since to them it is a buyer’s market. Investment companies, on the other hand, comprises of many dedicated agents who give you their full and undivided attention as they work on your file.

A Home Investor Can Connect You With Other Helpful Businesses

Some of the home investors will also connect you with moving service companies like movers and cleaning companies who will charge you relatively cheaper than it would have been if you looked for the service providers on your own. By doing this, the investment company will save you some money and also alleviate the stress of relocating and settling down.

Apart from selling their home, most of the home sellers play other roles since they are also potential buyers seeking a new home to settle down. Juggling between the two roles can bring great anxiety, and especially if your house has been sitting on the market for some time. It is almost impossible to execute your plans of buying a new home when you don’t have a definite time of when the old one will sell.

It is evident that there are various reasons why selling with an investment company is better than a traditional realtor. If you need to sell your house fast, contact a home investor, and you will receive a cash offer from them within the next 24 hours.

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