Reasons To Sell Your Home To A Home Investor

Just like any other process that comes to an end, life is no different. Losing a loved one comes along with pain that’s unfathomable to the human heart. You’ll pull through. Today, we talk to you about that house that, that loved one left behind for you. You’re probably still indecisive on what to do with it but if you so choose to sell it, sell your home to a home  investor might be the best option for you. As a matter of fact, this might be the only option that’s hustle-free as it prevents those out of pockets expenses you might incur maintaining the house, closing the deal is much easier, and the process is hasty. Let’s go ahead and make our case on why this is so.

Forestalls out of pocket expenses

Say you decide to go with the realtor option; you’ll be forced first to make repairs or a couple of upgrades before the realtor can even consider working with you. Selling your home is a personal issue to you, but all business to the broker and the business only does well if the client (the buyer) likes what the realtor (who represents the seller) has a visually appealing product which satisfies his or her need. With the investor, you don’t have to go through all that hustle. A vacant inhabited house deteriorates with time as the maintenance ceases and vandals can be evil beings because they won’t think twice to spare you the misery of vandalizing your property. Just prevent the vulnerability of the house to deteriorate by giving the investor option a shot.

In addition to all that, you won’t need to hire a real estate agent if you sell to an investor. We do have investors who even go an extra mile of assisting you to change the title over to the heirs at no charge. Good investment companies help eliminate high attorney fees including all the court costs too.

Have a quick close

The courts have to assess the legal validity of the will that gives you the acquisition power of the house you’ve just inherited. All this while, that property needs maintenance even if it’s vacant. Do you see where this is going? Simply put, you’ll have to keep paying the property taxes, insurance, homeowner’s association fees, daily utilities and lawn care. You can never tell how long the probate process will go so we also have legal fees we’ll have to settle to keep the process running and all the other charges incurred during property sale.

Once the probate process is over, the repair process kicks off. Afterward, you’ll look for a good real estate agent and probably get a good one through referrals, but after a while, you start getting frustrated again by how long the house has seated on the market. Do bear in mind before the probate process was complete you couldn’t list the home because no real estate agent can risk listing a house that’s still undergoing the process. By the time you’ve sold the house, your pockets have been milked dry and a lot of time wasted. A reliable investment company could have made a close in weeks!

Simplify the selling process

Taking into consideration the expenses and time involved, the most logical step to take is to search for a credible home buying company to buy the house. Not doing so will force you to go down a road of complex, convoluted processes while settling so many expenses.

Check out Peggy’s story. She was an executor of an estate left behind by her dad. Her story is a representation of all the benefits of selling an inherited house to an investor.

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